The Sahara is about 300kms from Midelt and it was very hot around 42 degrees.  Saaid told us we would buy some watermelon and some bread and we would have a picnic.  We thought that sounded lovely and would be sitting under the shade of a tree in one of the many oasis around there.

Not the case!  To our surprise and perhaps horror we stopped at a small roadside shop where the dead sheep were hanging up ready to be sold and we sat at a table in the hot wind with sand blowing all over us!!   Obviously Moroccan picnics are different to Australian ones.

We arrived at our desert auberge at 4p.m. the wind was still blowing and we were hot and tired after a very long day.

Our trip out to the desert was to leave at 6p.m. so we had time for a shower and some cold drinks before heading out to meet our camels.

The wind was still blowing but not as much thankfully so we all wrapped our scarves around our heads and on to the camels.  Quite an impressive caravan we made.

Camel riding is certainly not my forte.   The sand dunes in the Sahara are around 300m and very impressive they seem to go on for miles and miles and miles.

After about an hour and very sore bottoms we arrived at our camp.   Simple but good (mezyen).   We were all exhausted and laid on the mattresses they had on the ground.

We went for a short walk up the dunes and as we were at the well a Nomadic family arrived to collect some water.   They were a family of 4, Mum, Dad, daughter and son.  The little girl was selling some small dolls that her Mother had made of course we had to buy one from her.

These people are amazing and all seemed very happy with their lot in life.   We went back to our campsite and were treated to a beautiful meal and of course mint tea.  As it was hot most of us decided to sleep outside under the stars.  It really was an amazing experience.  Next morning we were up early and ready for our camel ride back to civilisation.   The Sahara and all its sand hills are truly magnificent.

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