We travelled from Fez to Midelt approximately 240kms.   It is situated in the high plains between the Middle and High Atlas mountain ranges.  It reaches an elevation of just over 1,500 metres.

This is a farming area as well as a tourist place in winter when it snows.  It was hard to imagine that it gets that cold here.

One of the great things about this Peregrine tour was our guide, Saaid.   He was a Berber and just loved his country.   Up in the mountains we stopped to take some photos and he noticed a Berber tent out on the plains so he spoke to the lady who lives there and she asked all of us in for tea.  She also fried up some eggs which she took right from under the chickens under the bench inside and some bread she had made.  There were 12 of us and we sat on the ground on the rugs she had made by hand.  It always amazes me when I travel how people who have so little always give so much.

The Berber people are nomadic, they set up tents in summer and stay for about 2 months then move to the Sahara.

Arriving in Midelt we settled into our beautiful hotel the Hotel Kasbah Asmaa which was probably the nicest place we had stayed so far.   I love all the tiles and the ornate furniture not to mention the entertainment!

Saaid took us for a walk through the valley to a Berber village.  Once again seeing the kids playing and donkeys carrying all kinds of goods always great to be in local places.

Our next stop was one we were all looking forward to – our overnight stay in the Sahara Desert.

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